Haidakhandi Samaj

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According to "The Teachings of Babaji" Haidakhan Babaji "appeared" in June 1970 in a cave at the foot of the Kumaon Mount Kailash, across the river Gautama Ganga, near a remote village called Hairakhan, in the Nainital District of Uttrakhand, India.

His followers maintain that Haidakhan Babaji is a Mahavatar – "a human manifestation of God, not born from woman."

Haidakhan Babaji stressed the unity of all religions as expressed in the following words: "In any town there is always a central place; all the roads in the town or from out of town lead to that central place. Similarly, all religions lead to one point, and that is God Himself; and therefore following any religion you will ultimately reach God."

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